How does it work?

A 360 degree virtual tour consists of a series of panoramic ‘bubbles’ inside which online visitors can look around in any direction as if they were standing right there on the spot. So, how does that work exactly? And how do we approach a project like that? You can read all about it here.

The Meeting

Before any project starts we plan a first meeting together. Either in person or via a video call we will talk about your establishment, the scope of the project and what you would like to achieve with the virtual tour. You might have specific wishes that we can take into account or you might be working with a smaller budget. We will generally find a solution for any situation.

The Planning

After the first meeting we can make an appointment for the shoot. This can usually be done in a single session, whenever it suits you best. What has to be taken into account – depending on the situation – are the weather, time of day and the preparation of the locations.

The Shoot

Once on location, we determine where the exact spots are be that show the best representation of your establishment, set up any additional lighting and get to work. We use a specialized tripod to rotate a camera in any direction around a fixed point while periodically taking photos. It usually takes around 24 photos per spot, which will be digitally stitched together to form a virtual bubble.

The Post-Production

In the post production we edit individual photos to ensure a seamless fit after they are stitched together. All the spots are then integrated into a web application where the viewer can look around in- and navigate between spots. There are many possibilities in terms of customization for the final product. You might want to use personal branding, a specific navigation layout or enable motion detection to look around on mobile devices. Finally you will receive an online link to your tour which you can share and build into your website. We can work with your webmaster to ensure the optimal integration and experience for your visitors.

Integration to Google Street View

Exclusive View is Google Street View trusted. This means we can add your virtual tour to Google Street View without extra charge. Many customers use Google Maps as a starting point to find and choose businesses like your own. To have your tour directly integrated can result in a large increase of your online findability and number of views.


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